Housing assistance in California for single mothers

The single mother could be hard-hit by the lack of housing in the State of California on account of the low-income she has versus the rising costs of housing. This inconveniences not only the mother but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the United States and the State of California. The HUD together with the state has a pledge on paper that emphasizes the provision of housing to the citizens of the U.S. Thus the HUD funds the state to administer the programs of housing that will enable the low-income citizens to access the housing aid programs. Find more information about HUD at http://www.hud.gov

In the State of California, the aid programs are managed by the public housing authorities (PHAs). These authorities ensure equal distribution of aid to the public but to disadvantaged single moms, people living with disabilities, the visually impaired people, and the senior citizens. These people are more likely affected by homelessness caused by the failure to afford decent homes.

For these people to apply for the aid programs, they need to do that exclusively with the PHAs close to them. The PHAs have the entrance requirements to rightfully issue help to any person. HUD has six regional offices in the State of California which will make it easy for the single mothers to find public housing authorities in close proximity. One can make a telephonic call at 800-955-2232 to acquire information about the PHAs in California.

The PHAs in California run Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, Family Self-sufficiency program, Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Operating Facility Grants, Family Unification Program (FUP), Foreclosure prevention and Public Housing program. The programs are also available in 12 rural counties in the state. These rural counties include Tuolumne, Sierra, Trinity, Colusa, Modoc, Inyo, Glenn, Amador, Siskiyou, Calaveras, Alpine and Mono. These rural counties are managed by a number of four PHAs.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program ─ is a common housing aid program that is available in all the states. The program has been formed in accordance with the quest of the HUD in creating housing solutions to all Americans. All those who meet income requirements, and those who are citizens of America qualify for the program. Single mothers can make use of the program in finding the suitable home for their families to rent.

The Section 8 voucher program lets the beneficiary to rent in the place of choice provided it meets the standards proposed by HUD. The beneficiary mother only has to make a payment of 30% in renting and the program will take care of the difference between the mother’s 30% payment and the actual amount charged for rent. The 30% payment is conditional because it depends on the house preferred. If that house is over the maximum payment allowed by the program then the mom has to pay over 30% but below 40%.

The program is non-discriminatory. The disabled, the blind people and the senior citizens can benefit from it. It can also help the legal immigrant who meets the immigration status of residing in the state for 5 years.

How to apply for Section 8 vouchers? Because the vouchers are controlled by the PHAs, the single mother has to apply with the local PHA and find out if she qualifies. Find the right and relevant agency at http://www.hcd.ca.gov/fa/hap/. When applying, take with you proof of income, proof of citizenship, and details of your household. There could be some factors as well needed by the PHA you’re applying with.

Family Unification Program ─ as the name says, the program is about unifying the families. It unites the single mother with her kids she has lost to care homes due to the lack of shelter. The mother is therefore responsible to find the shelter so that the kids can be taken back to her. Now the State of California is helping with Family Unification Program. Only low-income mother may apply.

This program also helps youth over the ages of 16 who had been in foster care and now remain homeless. The program helps them find temporary shelter for 18 months. They should be less than 21 years and over 18 years.

Family Self-sufficiency Program (FSP) ─ the program broadens the employment opportunities for single mothers receiving Section 8 rental assistance. The main aim of the program is the transition of single moms from strong dependence on rental assistance to self-sufficiency where one can find a decent job that will help her to be independent. These mothers, while participating in the program, they will be given child care, transportation and other benefits.

Foreclosure prevention ─ the program helps prevent the imminent repossession of the single mother’s house due to failure to pay the landlord mortgage. The mother is urged to never neglect the notices from the landlord, but to take them seriously and act accordingly. The program, foreclosure prevention, helps pay mortgage, resolve the closure and many more services that are deemed preventive to foreclosure.

The supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women, infants and children, WIC, is also helping its participants in finding assistance in housing, foreclosure and others. This is done under the name WIC Can Help in California.

Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Operating Facility Grant ─ the program, as reflected in its name, provides emergency housing assistance to low-income dwellers of California. It also offers supportive services that will rescue the mother from the emergency situation.

For every county in the State of California there are funds allocated for this program. Urban counties are allocated 8% of the funds and non-urban counties are allocated a bit more percentage which is 12%. If the household of a single mother is homeless, there are emergency shelters to help accommodate them. Emergency housing is for temporary and thus the mother is compelled to seek alternative housing during that short-time she has been granted emergency assistance.

All the programs of housing assistance in California are managed by the public housing authorities in different counties. The Department of Housing and Community Development, effective from the 1st of January 2012, is no longer administering the Family Self-sufficiency Program and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Find the authorities at http://www.hcd.ca.gov/fa/hap.

The single mother in the State of California may no longer be homeless because of the assistance programs the state provides to such people. As long as entrance rules are met, the mother can provide her household with quality and safe housing.

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